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If you are having a problem and need help finding the correct chemical please contact us. We would be happy to help.

Suggested chemicals available for the summer season: Please see line card more available chemicals.

RTU Liquid Deodorizer: Watermelon-Pina colada-Plumeria. We have more fragrances available upon request.

These are liquid fragrances that can be used to neutralize oders in hospitals,hotels,sewers and apartments to name a few areas.

Bug Band-If you work outdoors mosquitoes are going to bad this summer because of all the rain. To combat this you can wear Bug Band on your wrist. It will protect you from almost all bug bites for 120 hours. After your shift, return the product back to its case and re-use it all week. Very economical and no need to apply smelly, sticky sprays.

Bug repellant-this is the typical body repellant that you need to re-apply every two hours.

Bug Spray & Bug Bombs-We have a line of bug sprays available to meet every need for indoor and outdoor application. -This bomb will effectively treat a 1000 sq ft area for fleas, roaches, spiders and most crawling indoor insects.